Thursday, 26 April 2018

OMG: Cara Delevingne’s Sexist Jimmy Choo Ad !


New York: Luxury shoe brand Jimmy Choo Ad goes viral for the out of box reason. It is facing a backlash over its commercial starring Cara Delevingne, which critics call “sexist” and “tone deaf.” Let me tell you that Cara is an English Fashion Model and acted this advertisement for Jimmy Shoes Brand.

It is just Jimmy Choo Ad to show shining shoes in which Cara cat walks through the way to eat a roll in market. Men catcall and shout out “nice shoes, lady” while she walks down a New York City street in the “Shimmer in the Dark” spot. This ad was first released in November 2017, but it went viral this week.

People on Twitter reacted it as a “regressive” message. Check out the Jimmy Choo Ad here: One twitter user suggested it was “not the best moment to run an ad about how cool and sexy catcalling it is.” It is a reference to sexual misconduct scandals that have engulfed multiple high-profile men in recent weeks