Saturday, 18 June 2016

Do You Know, Who is Father

Why we call him father?
A finger in your childhood,
Where you make strong grip,
Feel safe, secure and deep ever.

Whom we call father?
Who tells us what is good and bad?
Who behaves best buddy in our life,
Who makes us gentle and sentimental,

When and where we call father?
We feel extreme love and blessings,
We need pocket money for honey,
We want to share friendly company.

How we often call our father?
Hey pop, hey dad and O papa, O dedu,
My idol-ideal, my inspiration, my respiration,
My god father, my brother, my mother.

What is all about being a father?
Family head, care taker, responsibility holder,
Most loving man, biggest daring persona,
Best teacher, best trainer, best planner.

>>>That’s why we celebrate the day of father…<<<
      "It's Honestly Witty Feed Relation On Earth"

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