Saturday, 7 May 2016

Mother's Day-"My heaven is only under your feet"

Every relation moves away,
Every bonding breaks down,
But motherhood always sounds.
Existence of almighty is because of u,
Your blessing gives me universal view,
Life never seems living without you.
Mom, you are deepest in my heart beat,
Mom, you are dearest in my love sweet,
And for me, it’s a priceless gift.
Your presence makes me joyful,
Your absence makes me hurtful,
Your care makes universe meaningful.
Oh Mom, You teach fare relations,
Oh Mom, i feel sacred love and affections,
Oh Mom, You are best motherhood equations.
My heaven is only under your feet,
For me, your emotions are very neat,
Mom, don’t leave me ever in any hit.
         Happy Mother’s day to you dear Mom…..